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It's virtually impossible to talk about Raven McGriff, also known as RavO, without acknowledging her artistic influence on an entire musical genre and the achievements she's accomplished over the past few years. Blessed with an incredible voice and amazing production skills, RavO has crossed all stylistic, social and age barriers with her inspirational delivery and powerful music.


RavO’s personality, inviting warmth and genuine love for God transcends her music and has earned her loyal fans in the Christian world. Opportunities to produce an award winning album, writing credits on many upcoming artists projects have come her way naturally. And those opportunities continue to grow with the release of Ravo’s brand new EP, “You Changed Me…” her first solo recording completely produced and arranged by her. “You Changed Me” is a project decidedly personal, encompassing a collection of music that she was deeply passionate about recording.


"This album is really transparent," RavO admits. "I have changed because of it, and I just want to give people what I know. The times we're living in are tough, and we've got to learn how to worship because that will be our refuge. If we will learn to worship, then we'll be okay. Worship is not about us - it's not about our circumstances or about what we need. It's just about worshipping God for who He is. Period. When we learn how to do that, then we'll create that atmosphere in which God can work in our lives."


While RavO produced every song on the project she says was moved divinely with the lyrics.  "When I sat at the piano and began playing the music to “You Changed Me...,' I just began to cry. I knew it was a song I had to work hard on, so I locked myself in the studio and finished it. It expressed precisely what I wanted to say on this track, and it became the title song."


Another emotionally-charged moment on the album is the song RavO says immediately took her back to the miraculous battle for her own safety and soul. ““Look Around” became an anthem to my past, my testimony. Growing up wasn’t easy and there were times that the enemy tried to take us from this place. My mother wasn’t always the devout Evangelist she is today but Jesus got us through and now I just look around and think about how different everything could have been. A lot of people feel the same way in these troubling times.”


Whether it's through the quiet, intimate brush strokes of the worship melodies, or the powerfully delivered inspirational lyrics, RavO has crafted a project that demonstrates the spiritual maturity and growth of an artist who has consistently triumphed as a multi-talented songwriter and producer. She is an ambassador to those who have been touched by her life and her music, while allowing her faith to remain at the forefront of everything she does.


"I've got to be who I am," RavO declares. "I can't change who I am. I can't worship any differently. I have to stay true to myself. I have a love for God - that's why I keep doing what I'm doing. If it were just about the music, I would have quit a long time ago. It's got to be about more than that. I thank God for my voice, but I recognize that I can't do any of this without Him. Without Him, I would be just another voice singing just another song. I'm just grateful that He's able to use me."

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